I am the Youth

Welcome to MAD pages

for youth, from youth

Okay! It is a magazine

MAD pages is a youth magazine which is not meant to bore you. We will present you the hot and baked stuff from the life of youth. We found the newsstand occupied with physics today, chemistry today and other let’s-bor-the-students today. There are knowledge magazine, job magazine, health magazine, women magazine, men magazine, tech-geek magazine, food magazine, even we have that magazine (yes, you figured right we are talking about that magazine which is arranged in corner and we buy it when no one is seeing us). We found some youth magazine but found no youth inside it. So we feel that our young generation need some thing crispy, spicy and good enough taste of their life in pages.

Honestly, we are unable to define youth. No dictionary helped us. Even we used derivation and integration to limit the youth under some criteria. We have tried Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction, Hoffman reaction and few more but we don’t get proper results. So this magazine is for everyone who believes that there is youth alive in them.

We will soon reveal the spice of our magazine and hope you will like it.

We will be launching this January 2015.

Why to Connect

A magazine which acts as guide for the people who are stepping into their youth 

A magazine which shows mirror to the people who are in their youth 

A magazine which reminds the khati-meethi yaadein to the people who have crossed their youth age 

Some Statistics About Youth

Billion is the Indian population
Percent of Indian population is below age of 25
Average age of an Indian
of the Youngest Country in world
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